Mission Astra in Sierra Nevada

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Mission Astra in Sierra Nevada

From the 24th September to the 9th October 2015, 3500 distributors and fleet customers were invited to test the new Astra in Sierra Nevada. They could enjoy the Guadix circuit and the routes designed for the occasion to test the personal connectivity and service assistant Opel OnStar.

We installed a tent city for the presentation in the Spanish deserts. During 26 days 50 trucks brought sea containers with materials, including electricity and water facilities to provide all supplies needed for the luxury tents. In the “Look & Feel” Astra Launch Base the guests had the opportunity to spend a night at a luxury Bubble Suite with great views of the night sky.

The testing circuit set up in the Astra Launch Base and the exclusive atmosphere in Sierra Nevada where the perfect place to experience and test the new Opel Astra.

Team Andaluces was the DMC on-site to coordinate the “Mission Astra” event as partner of the agencies Uniplan and Grass Roots Germany.